Rules and Regulations :

Neatness in person, dress and punctuality are required at all times. The child should be perfectly dressed in prescribed school uniform.
2.) Fees should be paid before the term begins and it will not be refunded.
3.) Tuition fees are charged for 12 months.
4.) Please ensure that sick children are not sent to school as leave will not be granted in any case.
5.) Nobody is permitted to see the child or teachers during school hours.
6.) The school cannot make itself responsible for the loss of valuable articles or money. They should not be brought to school.
7.) The responsibility of bringing the child to school and taking the child from school rests with the parents only. Auto-Rickshaw & Bus facilities are available through independent providers.

(a) From the very first day send your child by rickshaw/bus.
(b) Mention the rickshaw uncle’s / bus uncle’s name and license plate number on the name tag.
8.) Please do not send your child to school without the name tag.